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Switch Kits

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Fed up with your financial institution? Switch to United Police Federal Credit Union today. It's easy! Our switch kit includes everything you need to help you make the move. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1

Apply for membership online.

Step 2

Switch your direct deposit and automatic deposits. Complete our Direct Deposit/Automatic Deposit Change Request form. If you're moving your direct deposit to United Police Federal Credit Union, be sure to notify the other financial institution of the switch.

Step 3

Use the Accounts Closing Request form to notify your previous financial institution to close your accounts. (Be sure to verify that all outstanding checks, automatic withdrawals, card transactions and scheduled bill payments have cleared your account.)

Switch Kit Checklist

Print the following checklist for switching your accounts to United Police Federal Credit Union and mark off items as you complete them.

____ Make sure all checks have cleared on your old checking account.

____ Make certain enough funds are available in your old account to cover any automatic payments that may yet need to be withdrawn.

____ Double check maturity dates if transferring a Certificate of Deposit in order to avoid possible penalties.

____ Send written notices to companies you are using for direct deposit (employer, social security, pension, transfers from other financial institutions, etc.) notifying them that you want to switch your direct deposits to your new account at United Police Federal Credit Union.

____ Send written notification that you are closing your account to companies that automatically take your payments from your checking account, such as: utilities, insurance, internet service providers, banks, etc.

____ Send an Authorization for Transferring Automatic Payments to companies notifying them that you want to transfer existing automatic payments from your previous financial institution to United Police Federal Credit Union.

____ Send written notice to your old financial institution that you are closing the account.

Bank Anywhere!

Our FREE Mobile Banking App will give you secure, convenient access to your accounts.

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You can also call CU-Voice, our audio response service, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
Call 305-329-1400 or 1-800-609-3277 and press 1

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